Dawg Tired (noun) -- a calm, well-balanced dog who was mentally and physically challenged during an off-leash pack walk or a kennel-free dog-sit.

Dawg Tired is the only canine service company with the experience and flexibility to give every dog a positive experience in a balanced pack environment. We are the right place for your dog if you're looking for:

  • Experienced, hands-on care
  • Information and support to navigate behavioural obstacles
  • Canine socialization from a well-balanced, safe pack of all breeds and sizes
  • Macro-managed pack walks; micro-monitored behaviour
  • "Home-away-from-home" overnight care
  • Canine Care

    Big Off leash walks and home-away from home dog sitting.

  • Canine Coaching

    Empowering you to take on new experiences with your dog.

  • Canine Sports

    Exploring new physical and mental challenges in a fun environment.


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