Dawg Tired (noun) – a calm, well-balanced dog who has been mentally and physically challenged to experience success on their own terms.

More than a dog-walking company, Dawg Tired is a complete canine service business. Our team is hands-on, experienced and professional — dedicated to giving individualized attention to each member of the pack during off-leash walks, kennel-free dog sits and coaching.

Dawg Tired is the right fit for your dog if you want:

  • One-on-one support to ensure your dog gets exactly what they need
  • Canine socialization from a well-balanced, safe pack of all breeds and sizes
  • Macro-managed pack walks; micro-monitored behaviour
  • ‘Home-away-from-home’ overnight care

We are also insured/bondable, and ‘vet-approved’ by Marda Loop Veterinary Centre, Fish Creek Pet Hospital and Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

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