What makes our Coaches different?

Living the canine lifestyle.

  • Dedicated canine professionals, specializing in a variety of different canine health and wellness areas
  • Experience providing foster and rehabilitation care for rescue dogs
  • Certified in Canine First Aid
  • Committed to providing individualized canine attention and client service

Please meet the Dawg Tired team:

To be a dog-lover simply isn’t enough to be part of the Dawg Tired team. Our coaches are experienced canine professionals, dedicated to understanding canine behavior, health and wellness. In addition to being experienced handlers, many members on our team are certified in canine massage, canine reiki and energy work, cranial sacral massage and shamanic work. And have years of experience fostering and rehabilitating feral and shut-down dogs.

Our team is truly an extension of the care and training you already provide your dog. And we can’t wait to meet you and your four-legged family!