What makes our Coaches different?

Living the canine lifestyle.

  • Dedicated canine professionals, specializing in a variety of different canine health and wellness areas
  • Experience providing foster and rehabilitation care for rescue dogs
  • Certified in Canine First Aid
  • Committed to providing individualized canine attention and client service

Heather Wilnechenko, Owner

My favorite part of owning, managing and working for Dawg Tired is the day-to-day challenges of working to build trust with all our dogs – our clients, our own, and fosters that we look after. A lifetime of experience around furry and feather pets has taught me that an ongoing willingness to become more educated about animal behaviour is a great tool to improve our skills and expand our toolbox of solutions we can use to support our clients. One of my favourite parts of this job is working with feral, shy, shut-down or dogs in need of severe rehabilitation.

In addition to providing hands-on care during our day-to-day walking and boarding dogs, I also take on many organizational tasks that keep our business running smoothly and ensure your dogs get picked up and dropped off on the right day!

My true passion is to help improve the lives of dogs – so you can find me working with our AARCS foster dogs, volunteering for the Alberta Spay/Neuter Task Force and being the voice of reason to Kim’s “jump-in now!” attitude.

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