These ladies are wonderful and we’re lucky to have them walk and sit our two dogs. They have always treated our pups like their own and go well out of their way to help out.

Chanel Avarello

You have a choice when it comes to selecting dog-walking and dog-boarding services.

Here’s what makes us different:

Personal engagement with each client and canine is the cornerstone of our service promise – empowering and educating to help the human/canine relationship thrive.

Unconditional love and affection along with appropriate individual care at no extra cost, as part of our commitment to help each dog reach their full potential.

Seamless experience from your home to ours by respecting and following the same rules and boundaries you have worked hard to achieve and maintain.

Flexibility to work with your schedule, to the best of our abilities to become part of the team that supports your family.

Open-mindedness to diverse training techniques and tools to work with whatever your dog needs to be their best self.

Empower clients through coaching to help grow and strengthen your relationship with your dog.