Dawg Tired - Canine Care

These ladies are wonderful and we’re lucky to have them walk and sit our two dogs. They have always treated our pups like their own and go well out of their way to help out.

Chanel Avarello

Home-Away-From-Home Dog-Sitting

From your home to ours. All our overnight canine companions receive a kennel-free experience. Each coach provides sitting services in their own home, which serves to strengthen the bond between our coaches and their pack. These small packs also receive the added benefits of additional social time and play before and after their big on-leash walk during the day.

Consider it one rate to stay and walk each day!

Medication administration, special diets, love and cuddles, even playtime are things we consider essential to doing what is required to care for your dog. Not added extras. So we are proud to provide each sit dog with:

  • A kennel-free experience
  • A big off-leash walk each day of their stay
  • Socialization with our packs
  • Exposure to safe, new environments
  • Reinforcement of your rules
  • Quiet training/coaching of “House” rules: bedtime routines, waiting for food, and inside quiet energy expectations


1 Dog $45.00 / Day
2 Dogs $70.00 / Day (Dogs must be from the same family)
Holiday Rates (Christmas/New Years & Spring Break)
1 Dog $55.00 / Day
2 Dogs $90.00 / Day (Dogs must be from the same family)

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Meal Planning

We are pleased to offer a Meal Planning program through Unleashed for our dog-sit clients who feed RAW or Acana kibble at no extra cost to you. Simply let us know what your dog requires from the list below for their stay, we will have it on hand and add the cost of the food only to your invoice.

If you prefer to send your dog with their own food, please have it portioned out in a disposable container or plastic bag for each day.

Raw Choices*

Beef Dinner – $2.80/patty
Beef – $2.80/patty
Bison dinner – $2.31/patty
Elk Dinner – $2.31/patty
Turkey Dinner – $1.85/patty
Salmon – $2.30/patty
Turkey Necks – $2.80/neck
Chicken is available on request

Dry Choices (Acana 70/30 Protein/Veg)

$1.30 per one cup

* (Pricing subject to change)