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To go away and be at peace that my dogs are happy and well looked after is a gift that is beyond words. These girls are amazing!!!!

Ellen Dilawri

Big Off-Leash Pack Walks

Safe. Stimulating. Calm. Fun. That’s how we would describe our hour-long outdoor, off-leash pack walk.

With door-to-door service to and from some of the City’s least busy off-leash parks, and even using access to private land, our walks have structure. We take the time to teach and expect calm manners entering and exiting the parking lots. Our walks are macro-managed for overall energy, and micro-managed for individual behaviours that may require attention. All while our coaches provide stimulating activities for the canine mind and body.

Upon returning home, each dog receives a once over to ensure no “walk debris”, and we take the time to let you know about their adventure in a walk journal. Just make sure you leave out a big bowl of water and a towel so we can wipe up those muddy paws!


2 walk per week minimum

1 Dog $22.00 / 1 hour walk
2 Dogs $38.00 / 1 hour walk (Dogs must be from the same family)

Why a two walk per week minimum? We’ve learned that to create familiarity with our structure and routines, as well as to create a bond with each dog and within the pack, two walks per week is the optimal exposure to create a safe and stable energy.

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