Here are a few tips to have a positive and safe Halloween with your pooch: 1.     More timid dogs should be in a separate room for when kids are at the door getting their treat. This will be a positive experience for you and your dog. It will also keep everyone safe this Halloween.   Give […] Read more »

What did dogs eat before they were domesticated? Not preservatives and fillers that are added to most dog foods these days. They ate raw meat like deer or elk. So why do most dogs eat food that is full of starches and meat by-products?  Read more »

6 Jul

Important Safety Information… Testing of water in Calgary’s Bow River has found high levels of the deadliest form of E. coli after flooding hit the city two weeks ago… Read more »

Plants that help keep pesky mosquitoes/bugs away are great companion plants. They emit a strong smell that insects find offensive.  Planting them in pots around the porch will help keep those wicked pests away. This will make your summertime picnic more pleasurable. Your dog will also have a much more enjoyable time in the backyard. Here […] Read more »