Dawg Tired - Canine Coaching

My dog loves Julia and I think she’s more excited to see her than come home to us! That’s a great feeling knowing that she’s so well taken care of!!

Michelle Berg

All our coaches are trained to teach and host classes each month. Check the schedule to find out when your dogs coach is teaching and gain valuable insights about your dog’s behaviour!

One on One Sessions

We will work with clients or new clients individually to help work towards any specific goal.

  • $85 for a 90 minute individual session
  • $225 for a package of 3, sessions over a one month period
    • 90 minutes for the 1st session; 60 minutes for the 2nd and 3rd

Learn ‘N Play

Off-leash play made safe, fun and educational. Experience off-leash walking with your dog in a controlled environment, or on private land. Learn about the importance of energy, non-verbal communication and get empowered to take your dog out to the park!

  • $25/dog or $40 for 2 dogs from the same family
  • Maximum 1 0 to 12 dogs per class, managed based on overall pack energy
  • Each class is 90 minutes

The Next Stride

Experience a variety of city off-leash parks to put into action the skills and abilities learned in the Learn ‘N Play classes.

  • $30/dog or $50 for 2 dogs from the same family
  • Maximum 6 dogs per class
  • Each class is 90 minutes
  • Pre-requisite: Must have attended at least 3 Learn N Play classes


RSVP for all classes at coaching@dawgtired.ca