To go away and be at peace that my dogs are happy and well looked after is a gift that is beyond words. These girls are amazing!!!!

Ellen Dilawri

What you and your dog can expect when they stay with us at Dawg Tired.

We believe that Dawg Tired will exceed your expectations in every way with the care and attention your pet will receive during their stay.

Your best friend becomes part of our family, they go most everywhere with us and they come with us everyday on our off leash walks. This means that they will receive a minimum of one hour walk ($22.00 added value) and possibly two hours every day.

Once back at “home”, we have a fenced 1/4 acre that they get to play on while we supervise them, then it’s inside for a yummy bone (bison, elk or beef).

Once dinner is done, it’s back outside to goof around for a bit. By that time we are all ready for some relaxation, so it’s back inside to a sea of dog beds, blankets, mats and toys (as long as no one has any “toy issues”). Your dog will have the run of the house and will be able to sleep wherever they like…most of them sleep right in our room, just like at your home.

All of this added value is included in our very reasonable rates.

We will not charge you for each cuddle we give your dog, medication we need to administer, extra walks, brushing, bones, as ridiculous as it sounds many boarding place charge extra for all the things we think a great facility should just provide.

We have many rules and regulations to follow at Camp Dawg Tired a few of which are no furniture, wait for your food, no rough housing inside and no barking. There are more but that is the jist of it.

We take video clips of our walks and sits so you can see what your pooch is up to and you can check them out here on our Facebook page and Twitter!

Check In and Check Out

No pick ups or drop offs after 1:00 pm on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.
No pick ups or drop offs on Christmas Day or New Years Day.

If you are currently a walk client of Dawg Tired and you would like your dog picked up/dropped off from your home this will still be a TREATs free service.

If you are not a walk client there is a $15.00 per direction charge. You can book single directions or both by commenting in the Comment section of your Sit Request.

Because the boarding takes place in our homes we ask that you respect and understand that we need to set some boundaries on our own space and time.

How Do We Charge?

Our overnight boarding is not actually charged per night… but more by day.

Starting Day of Sit:

If your dog comes to us before 1pm…you will be charged for 1 full day.
If your dog comes to us after 1pm you will be charged for a ½ day.

Last Day of Sit:

If your dog goes home between 9:30am – 1pm… you will be charged for ½ day
If your dog goes home after 1pm – you will be charged for a full day


1 Dog $45.00 / Day
2 Dogs $70.00 / Day (Dogs must be from the same family)
Holiday Rates (Christmas/New Years & Spring Break)
1 Dog $55.00 / Day
2 Dogs $90.00 / Day (Dogs must be from the same family)

Request a Sit

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Meal Program

Dawg Tired is now offering a meal program! Click here for more details.