To go away and be at peace that my dogs are happy and well looked after is a gift that is beyond words. These girls are amazing!!!!

Ellen Dilawri

All breeds and sizes welcome!

Our walks have been designed to work the mind, body, and soul. We play games that encourage your dog to use it’s mind, we teach them new commands to expand their “vocabulary” and help keep them safe, provide a balanced pack walk with time for stationary play and destination specific travel, offer up love through touch and praise and honour your dog on it’s terms. Dawg Tired strives to foster a pack of calm, balanced, fun loving dogs. The result of all this work is a Dawg Tired dog when you get home.

We take video clips of our walks and sits so you can see what your pooch is up to and you can check them out on our Facebook page and Twitter!


2 walk per week minimum

1 Dog $22.00 / 1 hour walk
2 Dogs $38.00 / 1 hour walk (Dogs must be from the same family)


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